Seaway Sprinklers, 3515 Coons Road, Unit 3
Elizabethtown, K6T 1A7
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Seaway Sprinklers

We are a full service lawn irrigation company that works with homeowners and businesses providing inground sprinkler solutions. Our sprinkler technicians are friendly knowledgeable specialists who will work with you from the very beginning and will be there with you every step of the way adding value to your home or business. Please feel free to contact us for a free quote if you are looking into a lawn sprinkler system for your home or business.

Seaway Sprinklers Design & Installation

Design & Installation - At Seaway Sprinklers our lawn irrigation technicians have many years of experience with inground lawn sprinkler installation. We provide inground sprinkler services for residential and commercial owners. Read More...

Seaway Sprinklers  Irrigation Repairs

Irrigation Repairs - Irrigation repairs are unavoidable as lawn sprinklers will get damaged over a period of time of changing with the seasons. Seaway Sprinklers keeps up to date with the newest and most reliable sprinkler systems available so we can provide you with the best irrigation solutions at the most affordable prices. Read More...

Seaway Sprinklers Spring Opening

Spring Opening - When spring arrives there are a few steps that should be taken before turning your sprinkler system back on to ensure you don't damage the pipes in your irrigation system. Read More...

Seaway Sprinklers Winterization

Winterization - Due to some potential dangerous factors with winterization of your irrigation system, it's best to call a lawn irrigation company like Seaway Sprinklers to get your sprinkler system ready for winter. Read More...

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